Welcome to the Personalized Learning Movement and to APLUS+ The Association of Personalized Learning Schools & Services
Personalized Learning is a 21st century model of learning that puts the needs of YOU the student first by providing choice and flexibility in how, what, when and where each student learns.
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APLUS+ 2016 Leadership Summit Conference
February 4-5, 2016
Embassy Suites, Palm Desert
APLUS+ is excited to offer our member schools our first ever Leadership Summit Conference to bring together our member school leaders and policy-makers to discuss and propose solutions to some of our most critical topics.

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APLUS+ 2016 Leadership Summit Conference

APLUS+ Announces 2016 Conference Dates and Location

APLUS+ has announced that its 2016 Personalized Learning Network Association annual conference will be October 12-14, 2016 at the beautiful Embassy Suites Sacramento Riverfront Hotel in Sacramento.

APLUS+ is the recognized voice and leader in creating, supporting and expanding opportunities for students to access Personalized Learning schools and programs. To find out more about APLUS+ click here

APLUS+ Personalized Learning: A 21st Century Student-Centered Education Model for K-12 Students. Check out our APLUS+ Network Personalized Learning DVD to learn more about the Personalized Learning model and the many benefits that both students and teachers love about it.

California State Board of Education (SBE) Meeting
January 13-14, 2016
Sacramento, CA.
APLUS+ Personalized Learning Network Association 2016 Leadership Summit Conference
February 4-5, 2016
Embassy Suites Palm Desert, Palm Desert, CA.